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A lot of things happen until I figure it out what need to be done and why we need to have our own website to do online business and now we are all set 

The biggest challenge I faced to start an online business was my own mind set and personal development. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help readers better understand about online business – for beginner to start with. 


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We put people first and our no.1 goal is to provide the best content possible and make it simple for you to understand how networking works.

Our Main Aim

Our aim is to save you time and money before you start this  exciting journey. The main reason we’re doing this is to bring some value to this internet world. 

Do Anything But Let It Produce Joys

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How we get here

Few months ago I took a course on online selling, which is all about buying your own product and putting it to popular platform to sell it online. I decided to give it a try. In the beginning, let me just say this, you don’t know half of it.  As business gets on while seeking for a better profit. I begin to see the pro and cons of the business. 

At the second half, I looked at my benefits in this kind of online business, I look at the evidence ( the results ), I looked at my position and I looked at what value I will be getting. And I asked myself a question, is there any chance to succeed. The answer is ( No ), the benefits goes to my supplier and the seller ( The platform selling product for me ). I’m paying for the shipping, the storage space, the commission to the seller, the 30 days money back guarantee and I’m taking the risk. The benefit I get, is only when all my product can be sold at a good profit. 

Is like you’re just trying to find low crappy products at a low price from China and hope it can sell, and continue finding winning product every single week. You can do that, but what is the point ? Your business  get worse over time right. To me my aim is to look for long term sustainable business that will get better over time. 

The dream and the prospect fall short. The experts, the connection, the corporation and the big player, they are so well positioned to take on winning products. Despite all this, the financial report tells us everything, the platform ( Online Shop ) and the suppliers are guaranteed to make money, but not you when you do business with them, and yet you are the only one taking the risk. 

Your profit is never a secret, the supplier is controlling the price, you are paying commission for every item sold by the platform, there are no rules for the suppliers, anyone can buy products from them, you got no position. No one gets to know you even though they are buying things from you, Customers only know which platform they buy their product from, No one know about your company, you got no value at all, you don’t gain popularity in this business connection. All this reason put together turns out to be a bad choice. It is very obvious then, this business has got no great potential. Your Business got worse most of the time.

Allow me to say this, you may argue that you can create own logo and make your own brand. Why take all this effort and spend even more. The point is that at the end of the day you still need to keep stock and take risks. Better think of some other methods that doesn’t need much set up capital and cash upfront if you’re a beginner.

The hard truth is that you are making a dream come true, but not yours. There is no reason for me to continue further. Better come back to Rome instead, down to earth. Perhaps, I should be more innovative by creating my own website and hold on to a better position. If you about to give it a try in this sort of online business, please do a lot of research and do not pay for any courses. Ask me why you shouldn’t, you can email me. I am those crazy enough to pay $2700 for a 3 days course to learn just that. Yes, they give you life time support to ask them questions during this journey, but bear this in mind, after you start losing money you don’t need this lifetime support anymore. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you cannot pay for a high price for online courses. For beginner is better to find one with money back guarantee to avoid being overpriced or being scam. At least, you are given a chance to withdraw when you find the method not suitable for you.    

There are better choices to make money online, and one of them is affiliate marketing. Or you can do some research to see many other option. Or have your own online store and have your own website. I recommend online services, no shipping cost and delivery time involve. Or non physical product that do not require shipping. Not much capital involved, test water first. You can alway scale up your business at any right time. 

Do not believe in get rich quick scheme, there is only someone get rich over you quick, or in the end you’re paying more to them than you can earn, Nothing is free either, let us face it, time is more valuable than money, you can make more money but you can’t get more time. Try something for free, it will slowly burn you out. 

Beginners is alway an easy target. Do not overpay. One way to identify a scam, is by asking questions. Are you buying a product or service from them or they’re just selling you their scam stories ? Look at their kind of business model. Our common sense able to tell. Let say you making million of dollars each year on a business using a special method, will you share this huge game with a stranger ? Or can you be so generous to share those secrets to the world by spending thousand of dollars everyday on advertisements ? If you find one asking you for one lump sum payment without any money back guarantee, turn away fast. They might be looking for someone to sponsor the advertisement. 

The reason why this money back guarantee system has been going around in the internet is simply to prevent people from being scam. Is better to buy things online with a return policy, avoid buying things online without any return policy, it doesn’t matter after you purchase from them and minutes later you regretted it, you would not get your money back.   

Plenty of time and hard work is needed for beginner doing online business. It’s a long term project. But when you are used to, the work become easier each time. Here is the truth, it took me almost three months to get here and anyone can do it, the fact that I know nothing about computer from the very beginning. If this is a journey you are looking for, below are some tips for you. 

To hell with Circumstances, I Create Opportunities.

This is one of my favorite quote by Bruce Lee – To hell with circumstance, I create opportunities. This is how I am able to come this far. Thanks to the valuable quote from all the successful people which I will never forget. Here is how I overcome all the obstacle and financial situation during this journey. That’s my biggest tips for you. Below are some of the wise quotes might be useful to you. 

It is Never too late to Be What you Might Have been
By George Eliot.

I walk Slowly, But I Never Walk Backward
By Abraham Lincoln.

if You Really Want to do Something, you Will Find a way
If you Don’t, You Will Find an Excuse
By jim rohn

I Don’t Care if The World is Against You or Teasing you
or Saying You’re Not Going to Make it
Believe in Yourself no matter what
By Michael Jackson.

Don’t Worry about Failure, Worry about the Chances You miss
When you Don’t Even Try – jack Canfield.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Anyone in This World
If you do, You’re Insulting Yourself
By bill Gates

Success is no Accident, is Hard Work, Perseverance, Learning, Study
Sacrifice And Most of All Love What you Doing
By – Pele

do not Wish it Was Easier, Wish you Were Better
Do Not Wish for less Problems
Wish For More Skills
do not Wish for less Challenges
Wish For More Wisdom
by jim rohn

i Fear Not the man who has Practiced 10,000 Kicks once
But I Fear The man who Has Practiced
One Kick 10,000 Times
By Bruce Lee

If you Don’t Like Where you are, then Move
You’re not a tree
By Jim rohn

Kind Words Are Short and Easy to Speak
but Their Echoes Are truly Endless
by Mother Teresa


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