Create A WordPress Website AND MAKE MONEY 2020

Create A WordPress Website And Make Money 2020

WordPress 5.3 has been downloaded over 7 million times. This figure is only the version of WordPress 5.3 Kirk ‘ you can checkout the download counter at to see how many times latest version has been downloaded, bear in mind this does not include download counts for the 36 previous version of WordPress. And the 5.3 version has been upgraded to 5.4 version recently.


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Create A WordPress Website And Make Money 2020

WordPress is Available in over 100 Languages, the fact that WordPress is accessible in so many languages is one of the biggest things that set it apart from other platforms. The WordPress polyglots team is responsible for localizing WordPress, this includes the WordPress core plugins and themes. This includes the most popular language of the world likes English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Germany, Russian, Bengali, Urdu, Japanese, Indonesia etc. WordPress by far is published in over 120 different languages.

WordPress never sleep, 24/7 let you see comments and posts like in real time, to get a better idea of how much information being read, published and managed – check out the WordPress stats, there you can find stats on files uploaded, posts, pages read and much more. 

Create A WordPress Website And Make Money 2020

WordPress get 20 millions views per month, can they handle it – Yes WordPress handle an enormous amount of traffic on a daily basis. The record for the most unique page views in a day on a WordPress Website in 2016 is 187 million. This was the course on election day. WordPress  users published 70 million posts each month. Blogs have over 400 million monthly viewers. There are a lot of reading and writing going on via WordPress, over 400 million viewers look at 20+ billion pages per month this past year. WordPress has had 4,969 commits by 70 contributors.

Create A WordPress Website And Make Money 2020

WordPress is the Fastest Growing Web Publication Software- data collection from 2004 present comparing keyword searches for popular CMSs by Google trends clearly indicates WordPress related Keywords rank higher among search engine queries than competitors such as Drupal, Blogger and SharePoint. 

WordPress is a Lucrative Career Opportunities, WordPress able to solve many problems businesses facing online. It is a powerful tool’s able to translate into a lucrative career opportunities. There is a high demand for skilled freelances, contractors and direct hires. WordPress developer’s make an average of $58,000 per annual according to indeed. This WordPress professional including Writer/Editor, Web Developer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Marketing/Social Media, Technical Support Specialist and last and not least Content Management. 

Create A WordPress Website And Make Money 2020

WordPress can be Installed in 5 mins or Less – because it automates many tedious tasks involving Web Publishing. The famous 5 mins install allows just about anyone to launch a WordPress Site with just a few clicks. 

There are more than 54,000 Plugins for WordPress including free plugins, plugins is to extend the functionality of the WordPress core. There are thousands of 3rd party plugin available for free or purchase too. WooCommerce is the Most Popular Ecommerce Software for WordPress, currently runs over 1.5 million active online store, according to BuiltWith, WooCommerce has 27% share of the technology market. 

Create A WordPress Website And Make Money 2020

Jackpack was install over 2,000,000 New Website users last year, Jackpack is a essential WordPress plug in loaded with features, this free plug-in can help you accomplish a variety of tasks involving things like traffic insight, social media integration, backups and security. This past year alone Jackpack helps WordPress users. Jackpack Automatically Post 374 million to social networking. Optimize, cache and deliver 29 million images from’s Content Delivery Network ( CDN ). Prevented 23 billion brute force attack.